Big Senders

The Big Senders are Spin For Kids participants who go above and beyond the call of duty.  They truly #GOALLIN for our campers, raising $1,100 or more in a given year, sending at least two kids to camp. Since fundraising stays open through November 30th, we recognize our Big Senders at the following Spin For Kids with special jerseys and VIP perks the day of the ride. Will you take the challenge this year and be a Big Sender?

  David Top Fundraiser 

Congratulations to our 2016 Big Senders!

David Barnett

Walter Bennett

Paul Billingsly

Raj Birbal

Susan Boyd

Robert Bruce

Paul Carver

Chandra Cherry

Ron Cherry

Heather Cotton

Nick Dodys

Justin Dugan

Consuelo Ecuyer

Dale Ellard

Phil Everett

Lucy Farace

Steve Farace

Sean Fitzgerald

Jeffery Flood

Michael Gomez

Stephen Grantham

Richard Griffiths

Susan Grisham








Todd Heffner

Philip Holley

Art Hopkins

Jill Joiner

Theresa Kemp

Lawrence Kenny

Caley Kropp

Eloise Lamons

Frank Lamons

Michael Lanier

Kate Lipton

Andy Litvak

Greg McMenamy

David Meadows

Andra Milender

Annabelle Miller

Brandon Miller

Pete Moraitakis

Jill Morrisey

Jennifer Murkison

Todd Owens

Nikki Penda

Steve Phillips






Brett Polston

Kevin Polston

Vince Price

John Ramsaur

Ellen Ray

Eric Robbins

Charles Rossignol

Benno Rothschild

Guido Sacchi

David Shoulberg*

Alan Silberstein

Jeff Sloan

Huckleberry Starnes

Nancy Staub

Darren Strozier

Ashley Thomas

Jeff Thrutchley

Scott Vanags

Scott Whiteman

Michael Williams

Kyle Wood

Richard Wright

Christina Yang


*2016 Top Fundraiser