Spin For Kids Champions

Spin For Kids Champions are Camp Twin Lakes campers who join us for the Spin For Kids journey. Here are our incredible 2017 Champions - click on each picture to read their stories!


Ethan Champion SFK   Guinn Family Champion Cropped   Dawn Alvan
Ethan    Isabelle, Alyssa & Makenna
  Jordan    McKenzie


"This summer was special

because it was my first time

going to Camp Twin Lakes for

the whole week all by myself!

It's so great because everyone

there has a bleeding disorder

and if I got hurt my nurses and

doctors were there to take care

of me. I even got the 'Mighty

Sticker Award' for learning how

to stick myself with a needle for

my infusions!"



"Our father was killed while

practicing for an Ironman

Triathlon. It made our lives very,

very hard. We would cry a lot

and have time where we didn't

know how to process our

feelings. Then our mom found

Camp! Camp Twin Lakes shows

us how to grieve and how to still

find happiness and joy. It shows

us that we are not alone in this




"I've been to Camp for

four years. You find out

there are a lot of people

like you. You know,

when I first got to

camp, I didn't know

anyone. Now, it is so

much fun to see my

friends every year! My

mom says that I can be

a counselor if I keep

coming, and I think that

would be cool!"



"For one week each summer, I

get to enjoy camp with other

kids just like me. At camp, I'm

lifted out of my chair and get

to zip line, climb the rock wall,

horseback ride, and swim like

everyone else. All the activities

are adapted or modified for us

depending on our needs. I

love everything I get to do there

for my week at camp."