Participant Center

Once you have registered for Spin For Kids, the resources in your participant center will help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal! 

To access your participant center, click here.


Participant Center Tips:

1. Update Your Personal Page - Your personal page is automatically populated with a picture and text, but adding a personal story and picture will show your donors how much you care about Spin For Kids and Camp Twin Lakes! The maximum image size for photos is 4 MB. 

SFK PC 6   


2. Send Emails to Potential Donors - Emails are one of the most effective fundraising tools available to you. Once you've entered the email section of your participant center, you can choose from one of our pre-written templates or choose "other" to write your own message. Be sure to add your name to bottom of the email and read it through for any other changes. Add contacts individually or import your contact list from a spreadsheet or email provider, and check the box next to each name to add it to your recipient list.  Preview your email one last time, and then click send! 



3. Edit Your Personal Information - From the right side of your participant center, you can update your route selection or shirt size through the "Update Question Responses" link. You can also easily manage your team membership, and if you're on a team, you can send an email to your team.  

4. Enter Offline Gifts - If you collect any cash or check donations, please use this form to mail them to Camp Twin Lakes. In the meantime, you can click "Enter new gift" to keep track of any offline gifts. The gift will not show as received on your personal page until it has been approved by Camp Twin Lakes, usually about a week after it gets to our office.