Training Resources

In 2017, we are thrilled to offer you training resources and opportunities through our partnership with ITL Coaching and Performance! The coaches of ITL are local to Atlanta and are here to help you have your best ride at Spin For Kids 2017. 


If you have specific questions for ITL, please feel free to contact Chris Nasser,


Free Training Plans

Don't know how to start training? Want to ride with a group of cyclists like yourself? Or would you like to know how many miles you've ridden this week? You can have your very own structured training plan geared to fit your schedule and your experience level. A training plan provides purpose, structure, and motivation. It's easy to use - sign-up for a free TrainingPeaks account here. Now, download your free plan here. Then, login on your computer or smart phone app to get your plan, track your training, and analyze your workout data - all in one place. Plans come preloaded with the weekly workouts and include group ride dates and locations to make training easy for you.