Spin For Kids 2017

Camp Twitch & Shout
Camp Twitch & Shout

Camp Twitch & Shout

On Sunday, October 15th, we will be riding in Spin For Kids to raise money for Camp Twitch & Shout. Our Camp is a program of the Tourette Information Center & Support, a 501c3 Nonprofit here in Georgia. Each summer we bring together approximately 140 campers and 100 Volunteers from all over the Country and experience the most amazing week! The week of Camp tuition covers all of the Camper's costs for the week, and we offer several options to help make the week affordable for everyone. The camp cost is actually well over $1,400 per camper...but with the help of the Camp Twin Lakes organization, and our fundraising efforts...we are able to provide 3 options for our families...full tuition of $900 for those that can afford it, subsidized tuition between $500-800 for those that cannot afford the full tuition, and scholarship assistance for those that cannot afford the $500 minimum tuition rate. Just $150 supports 1 Camper for 1 day at Camp Twitch & Shout!

The event is held at Camp Twin Lakes, an incredible organization that provides camp programs for children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges. In 2016, Camp Twin Lakes served over 10,000 campers, levereged support from 3,500 volunteers, and subsidized 70% ($550/week) of the direct camp costs for every camper served. 

Why We Ride

We're participating in Spin For Kids because we want to make a difference in the lives of Camp Twitch & Shout campers. Every $900 our team raises funds one week of camp for a Camp Twitch & Shout camper. During one week at Camp Twitch & Shout, that camper could conquer their fear of the zip line, discover hidden archery talents, learn how to swim in our pool, and make new friends who understand the unique challenges of their Tourette Syndrome. Camp gives kids an opportunity to build their confidence and capabilities without worrying about their extraordinary day to day challenges.

Why You Should Sponsor Our Team

100% of the money you donate goes directly to campers at Camp Twitch & Shout, so your gift will make a difference in a child's life! We're taking this challenge together, and we hope you'll join us as we change gears to change lives!

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