Spin For Kids 2018

Kate's Club

Kate’s Club empowers children facing life after the death of a parent or sibling.

We build healing communities through recreational and therapeutic group programs, education, and advocacy.

About Us

We recognize that, according to the National Alliance for Grieving Children, an estimated 1 in 20 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling before they reach the age of 18.

We know that the effects of grief, coupled with the family disruptions that accompany it, are often devastating for a child.

At Kate’s Club, we offer a suite of time-tested therapeutic and recreational programs that help grieving children reduce isolation, develop peer support systems, and improve emotional health and positive coping skills.

One of those programs is Camp Good Mourning.

Why We Ride

Camp Good Mourning is a bi-annual gathering that brings Kate’s Club members together in a traditional camp setting to enjoy activities, friendship and to learn how to deal with their grief in a positive way. At Camp Twin Lakes- Will-A-Way, kids swim, hike, rock climb, play music, make arts and crafts and attend the annual camp dance. Children also participate in grief support activities which support sharing their loss with their peers and learning new ways to cope with their feelings.

Kate’s Club has benefitted from partnering with Camp Twin Lakes for many years. Our first Camp Good Mourning was held at CTL in Rutledge, GA with just 10 campers and 8 buddies. Today, we’ve grown so large that in 2017, we hosted our first ever second session of camp. This year, we’re able to do the same!

The majority of the proceeds that Team Kate’s Club raises with Spin for Kids will go directly towards our bill from Camp Twin Lakes.

We are so thankful to Camp Twin Lakes and the Spin for Kids fundraiser to make Camp Good Mourning possible for so many of our members!

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