Spin For Kids 2019

Camp to Belong Georgia

Join Camp to Belong Georgia volunteers and friends on October 20th as we come together for Spin for Kids 2019! We'll be riding to raise money for Camp Twin Lakes and Camp to Belong Georgia's summer camp programs reuniting siblings separated by foster care or adoption!

This summer, Camp to Belong Georgia brought together 80 siblings who were separated for an incredible week of singing, dancing, biking, and swimming. Our siblings got to share an AMAZING birthday party together, share heartfelt feelings in the sibling pillow exchange, and learn life skills in our empowerment programs. Our siblings have a unique time to be together as a family, learn about each other, and to make lifelong memories together! 

Why We Ride

Every dollar that we raise helps Camp to Belong Georgia and Camp Twin Lakes keep camp free of cost for our campers. Every $550 we raise supports a camper for an entire week of camp! 

Why You Should Sponsor Us

100% of the money you donate goes directly to Camp to Belong Georgia campers at Camp Twin Lakes, so your gift will make a difference in the lives of our campers and their siblings. With your help, we can help make sure that all siblings in foster care have their RIGHT TO REUNITE!


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